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What is The Rogan Project?
The Rogan Project is a website meant to shine a light on different charities or movements that I am passionate about.



Who am I?
My name is Rogan Yadgard. I am ten years old and a fourth grade student at CGPS in NYC.








Why TRP?
I started The Rogan Project (TRP) because I wanted to raise money for charity. I started volunteering and friends and family were asking if they could donate money... So I thought it best to make a website were I could direct people and educate them on my initiatives.

This website is to educate and encourage you to devote some time and money to make the world a better place. Just a little bit of money can truly make an impact. Whether you donate to trying to stop homelessness or to stop the war in Ukraine, your donation helps.
You don't even have to donate money. Volunteering to do a job, taking away some of your time to help people who truly need it is a great way to donate to charity without donating money.

I'm not collecting any money on this website. I'm simply choosing charities that i'm passionate about and forming a campaign with that charity and directing people to donate directly with them.


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