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Current Campaign, Mott Haven Fridge

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What Is Mott Haven Fridge?

A few weeks ago I went and volunteered a morning with Mott Haven Fridge. They had 2 trucks filled to the brim with donated perishable food. I helped unload both trucks, organized all the food, and then me and my family loaded up our car and brought a bunch of the food to a community center. It was such a rewarding experience. I am going to go back and do it again... but I also wanted to do more, and that is why you are reading this.

What I learned on that day was that getting food to donate to people who need it is not really the problem. The problem is actually getting it to the people in need. It's a logistics problem. 

Dan (the founder of MHF) has done an amazing job with this charity. He has seemingly organized a system to get thousands of pounds of food to people in need every single week. Dozens of families show up every weekend to help support the cause. 

What is the Problem?

I am writing this on May 15th and  its starting to warm up here. One of the problems Dan has run into is he will have to pause operations during the summer if he doesn't have a refrigerated truck. He currently rents basic rental trucks but he will need to lease a refrigerated one to make it through the summer each year. I would hate to see this service be shut down over the summer. The food is still available and the communities are still in need. 

What Now?

Dan is trying to secure the lease on a refrigerated truck. The cost is $75,000. On this date he has raised $22,000 so far. I have set a goal for myself to raise $10,000 towards this cause. If you have read this far my hope is you are keen to donate something.





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